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As you may have guessed, our Nutmobile book series is largely inspired by the real Nutmobile. You may remember the heritage listed icon from his previous home at the Big Pineapple, where he proved a popular attraction, even drawing 'royal riders' such as Prince Charles and Princess Diana.


In 2011, our family gained the approval of the Heritage Commission to relocate the Nutmobile to Macadamia House - no better place really for a Nutmobile, than the home of the original Macadamia! However, it wasn't until after our first grandson, Max, was born, that the idea came about to create a children's book - and so began the adventures of Nosh the Nutmobile, starring Nosh, Max and a quirky crew of Australian animals.

We are working hard to get the real Nutmobile on the move once more, and together with the Nutmobile book series, celebrate the joys and importance of farming and agriculture, as well as our unique Australian flora and fauna.

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