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Cover of The Harvest Race - children's book by Macadamia House

Here's the back blurb:

‘A cow, it’s a cow, a whole herd – fancy that!’ 

And right at that moment, Pete rolled through a pat. 

‘Moooove out, moooove out,’ came the farmer’s loud shout, 

But the grass on the farm was greener, no doubt.

Nosh returns with his furry crew in this second adventure, as they gear up for the Macadamia harvest. All are very excited to take part in the Harvest Race - including newcomer Pistol Pete, the harvester - but when a herd of cows come thundering into the orchard, the race comes to a grinding halt. All is lost until Nosh has an idea...but will the cows moooooove out?

The Harvest Race is the follow up to the successful children's book 'All Aboard the Nutmobile!'

...and what inspired us to write it:

Every harvest is indeed a race against the hogs, the cockatoos and the weather. Last harvest we had another problem – cows! They managed to break through a fence and while grazing, trampled nuts, broke trees and deposited large cowpats throughout the orchard. The second book in the Nutmobile series celebrates the harvest season and brings to life other colourful experiences on our macadamia farms. Check out Farmer B's 'Harvest Time' video in which he sums up the harvest process from start to finish.  

...and read between the lines:

In the Harvest Race, Nosh discovers that he doesn't always have to come first in order to succeed. Download this useful tool to further explore the meaning behind the story; one that reminds us all that if we do our best and help others, the rewards will follow.  

Sample page from The Harvest Race - book 2 in the Macadamia House Nutmobile series