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Here's the back blurb:

'Chugging home he spied a fellow in red,
a beard on his chin, dancing hat on his head.
Nosh screeched to a halt, his eyes stretched wide,
there stood Santa, nine reindeer by his side.'

In this merry adventure, Nosh the Nutmobile comes face to face with Santa and his reindeer.  Unfortunately the reindeer have munched too many macadamias are are too fat to fly.  With the magic of Christmas, Nosh takes to the skies and helps Santa deliver Christmas gifts ... but will he deliver them all in time?
...and what inspired us to write it:

Christmas is a magical time but also one when we are likely to over-indulge, especially on our macadamias!  While we were decorating our tree, this got us thinking - just what if Santa's reindeer dropped by the Bromet family farms, over-indulged too, and were too heavy to fly?  This third adventure in the Nutmobile series reminds us of the true meaning behind Christmas and celebrates all that is magical, marvelous, woolly and weird!

...and read between the lines:

In this merry adventure, Nosh learns about the true gift of giving.  To further explore the meaning behind this story please return to this site in December when we will upload a useful tool to 'Nut it out with Nosh'.