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Here’s the back blurb:

‘Arnold read his beemail, ‘No! The Bullyfrog is back!
He’s blaming bees-es for his sneezes, threatening to attack!
He plans to bullydoze the bees and drive them far out west;
Demands we meet him at the hive, if we know what is best.’

Barnabas is back and this time he plans to bullydoze the bees. Having all been bullied before, will
Nosh and his friends have the courage to save them…or will the bullyfrog bullydoze them too?

 …and what inspired us to write it:

Springtime on our farm is an explosion of yellow flowers and perfume that attracts millions of bees. These little hard workers come to pollinate the flowers, which starts the growth of the macadamia nuts. There are millions of people in this world who also work hard and want to achieve great things. Sometimes bullies get in the way, preventing them from what they need or love to do.

Read between the lines:

In Barnabas the Bullyfrog, Nosh the Nutmobile and friends have to guide Barnabas away from his mean bullying ways, and confidently overcome their own experiences of bullying to do so. Download this useful tool to further explore the meaning behind the story and encourage children to approach bullying with persistence, courage and self-belief. Check out Glen Singleton bringing the characters to life in this great video!