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Here's the back blurb:

'Then up piped Max from behind the wheel,

This dear friends is a Nutmobile!'

'A What-mobile?', 'No, a Nutmobile!

Just look at those nuts, he's a Nutmobile!'

All are very excited when Nosh the Nutmobile arrives at Macadamia House, for never have they seen a Nutmobile before.

Soon after his arrival, the weather takes a turn for the worse...but can Nosh the Nutmobile save his new found friends from the rising floods?


...and what inspired us to write it:

In 2010/2011, floods devastated parts of Australia's east coast. Our Macadamia farm in Bauple, Queensland was no exception. However, we have rebuilt, and to celebrate the year of the farmer and the year of reading, we launched our first book in the Nutmobile series. In 'All Aboard the Nutmobile!', Nosh is faced with similar challenges - he must embrace his new life and save his friends from the rising waters.

Read between the lines:

In All Aboard the Nutmobile, Nosh overcomes the challenge of a new beginning and dealing with change. Download this useful tool to further explore the meaning behind the story and encourage kids to overcome their own tricky challenges. You can also go behind the scenes with illustrator Glen Singleton and see how the book was made! 


Sample page of the children's book All Aboard the Nutmobile