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Macadamia House
Not a bus nor a plane nor a 'whatmobile' - but the Bauple Men's Shed version of Nosh the Nutmobile!  If you've created Nosh or any of the characters, we'd love to see them!

Your chance to WIN!
Simply spend $20 in theshop this month and we'll pop you in the draw to WIN a winter hamper.
Competition winner Saskia picks Maureen the kangaroo as her favourite
A fat congrats to Saskia from Sydney who picked Maureen as her favourite character and WON last months comp!

Monthly special:
Brookfarm macadamia oil
Oily August has arrived and we've come to the table with three of Brookfarm's best. Pick your favourite or splash out and try all three.   

Hitting the shelves...
Books from the Macadamia House Nutmobile series
The Nutmobile series can now be found in all major city Dymocks stores throughout Australia - which means all you merry readers now have no excuse! Snap up a copy in store or order online through the one-stop-macadamia-shop. We'll be adding to those shelves soon with Santa's Magic Beard - book 3 in the Nutmobile series.
Another mooooving tale from Macadamia House!
 A library herd of cows holding The Harvest Race - second children's in the Macadamia House Nutmobile series

Prince Charles and Lady Diana have ridden it, their grandson is about to read all about it, and on the 30th July over 200 students, parents and teachers celebrated the launch of our 2nd book starring Nosh the Nutmobile - 'The Harvest Race'. Based on another true story, this time involving cows, it is a lovely reminder that you don't always have to come first to succeed.  Farmer B was again a highlight, entertaining and educating the kids when he skyped in to explain the harvest process.

We have come to the end of another season - no cows this time but far too much rain for a farmer's fancy.  Be sure to get you mitts on the remaining nut-in-shell, fresh from the home of the original macadamia and hand sorted by some of our trusty crew above.
geese under macadamia trees

Boggis and Bean (pictured right) weren't the only ones with webbed feet the past few months. We put ours to good use and redesigned the website! The new site is mobile-compatible, open 24/7 and available where ever you are! As always, we'd love to know what you think - www.macadamiahouse.com - does it excite and entertain or baffle and  bamboozle? Let us know.
macadamia products in the Macadamia House online shop

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