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not to be missed include the lovely Maya Sunny Honey Valentine's hamper - 'honey for your honey'...with a Macadamia crunch - and the award-winning Witham's coffee makes the perfect 'cup of love'!
Bee my Valentine!

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We'd also like to say a fat congrats to Bridget Fourie - winner of our 'Green Eggs and Ham' competition. We hope you enjoy your copy of 'All Aboard the Nutmobile!'
Hi there nutters and welcome to another tale with news from 'the House!' 

We'll kick things off with the nut report from Clive the puggle (baby echidna) - one of our local residents! Nuts have already started to drop due to the extreme weather that battered the farm. We mentioned the 'rain dance' in our previous newsletter and there are now fears that we may have given it too much gusto! Areas of the farm were flooded in recent weeks causing some damage to the trees, but being the die-hard farmers we are, it's all in a day's work! We will be welcoming sorters from next week with some positions still available. The harvesters are now ready to roll so here's hoping for a bumper crop!

Clive kicks off this season's nut-sorting!

Wise words from Nosh! 
We have been quite amazed at the effects that Nosh is having on both parents and children alike. Nosh's first adventure, 'All Aboard the Nutmobile!' has been warmly received by schools and libraries throughout Australia. Inspired by the devastating floods in 2010/2011, the story becomes most relevant, with many parents and teachers now using the rhyming tale as a means of explaining the recent flood crisis to kids - if Nosh can overcome such a challenge, then so can we! The book is currently available in our online store.

Book 2 in the making...
Below is a sneak peek at the 'Harvest Race' - book #2 in the Nutmobile series - which is due out later this year. As we prepare for the harvest, so does Nosh - remember to say g'day on his Facebook page! If there are any wise words that you would like Nosh to pass on to kids, we'd love to hear your ideas so please drop us a note!

Harvest Race - coming soon!