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Nosh the Nutmobile caused quite the commotion at the Redlands Good Gardening Expo, which took place at Indigiscapes this weekend. While Nosh - the star of our children's book 'All Aboard the Nutmobile!' -  would have loved to have be there, he was farm-bound, harvesting macadamias - tending to some very urgent 'gardening' needs of his own shall we say!  That said, us Macadamia House nutters did our best to make up for his no-show! Book readings, nut and spoon races, character creation - you name it, everyone got 'on board' and enjoyed a great day out.

It was lots of fun and the kids seemed even more excited than us! It was wonderful to see them all laughing at the rhymes and picking out their favourite Aussie characters. Be sure to check out Nosh's Facebook Page for some snaps of the day's fun and games!

Since the launch of - 'All Aboard the Nutmobile!' - last year, the book continues to charm both adults and children alike, with many libraries, schools and book stores already requesting the next chapter. That said, with the first adventure proving so successful, the team is  gearing up for the launch of our second book - The Harvest Race, which is due out in August this year. 

You can pick up a copy of 'All Aboard the Nutmobile!' at Indigiscapes, reputable book stores as well as online in the Macadamia House 'One-stop-Macadamia-shop'!  Nosh is also always up for a chat via his Facebook page so 'like' him and make a 'friend' like no other!