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Here’s the back blurb:

‘Arnold read his beemail, ‘No! The Bullyfrog is back!
He’s blaming bees-es for his sneezes, threatening to attack!
He plans to bullydoze the bees and drive them far out west;
Demands we meet him at the hive, if we know what is best.’

Barnabas is back and this time he plans to bullydoze the bees. Having all been bullied before, will
Nosh and his friends have the courage to save them…or will the bullyfrog bullydoze them too?

 …and what inspired us to write it:

Springtime on our farm is an explosion of yellow flowers and perfume that attracts millions of bees. These little hard workers come to pollinate the flowers, which starts the growth of the macadamia nuts. There are millions of people in this world who also work hard and want to achieve great things. Sometimes bullies get in the way, preventing them from what they need or love to do.

Read between the lines:

In Barnabas the Bullyfrog, Nosh the Nutmobile and friends have to guide Barnabas away from his mean bullying ways, and confidently overcome their own experiences of bullying to do so. Download this useful tool to further explore the meaning behind the story and encourage children to approach bullying with persistence, courage and self-belief. Check out Glen Singleton bringing the characters to life in this great video!

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Here's the back blurb:

'Chugging home he spied a fellow in red,
a beard on his chin, dancing hat on his head.
Nosh screeched to a halt, his eyes stretched wide,
there stood Santa, nine reindeer by his side.'

In this merry adventure, Nosh the Nutmobile comes face to face with Santa and his reindeer.  Unfortunately the reindeer have munched too many macadamias are are too fat to fly.  With the magic of Christmas, Nosh takes to the skies and helps Santa deliver Christmas gifts ... but will he deliver them all in time?
...and what inspired us to write it:

Christmas is a magical time but also one when we are likely to over-indulge, especially on our macadamias!  While we were decorating our tree, this got us thinking - just what if Santa's reindeer dropped by the Bromet family farms, over-indulged too, and were too heavy to fly?  This third adventure in the Nutmobile series reminds us of the true meaning behind Christmas and celebrates all that is magical, marvelous, woolly and weird!

...and read between the lines:

In this merry adventure, Nosh learns about the true gift of giving.  To further explore the meaning behind this story please return to this site in December when we will upload a useful tool to 'Nut it out with Nosh'.


"The humour and creatures used within the books are authentically Australian...with his bulging headlight eyes and a broad bumper-bar grin, Nosh could very well enter the realm of Blinky Bill or Dorothy the Dinosaur as the new favourite character of Aussie kids", Queensland Country Life.

All adventures in the children's Nutmobile series are inspired by real events that take place on our Macadamia farms. The books are aimed at children 3 years and up and are brought to life by a quirky cast of Australian animals and Nosh the Nutmobile.

Combining humorous rhymes and vibrant illustrations, the books not only entertain but educate; instilling healthy morals that children can apply in tackling their own tricky challenges.

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Front cover of The Harvest Race children's picture book

Front cover of All Aboard the Nutmobile

All books in the Macadamia House Nutmobile series can be purchased in our online shop, with an ebook version to be available soon.

Should you be keen to distribute or require any further information on the series, please contact Yolande Bromet on +61 7 4129 2000, mobile: +61 425 332 398 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For distribution services outside of Brisbane, please contact our distributor, Dennis Jones.

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Here's the back blurb:

'Then up piped Max from behind the wheel,

This dear friends is a Nutmobile!'

'A What-mobile?', 'No, a Nutmobile!

Just look at those nuts, he's a Nutmobile!'

All are very excited when Nosh the Nutmobile arrives at Macadamia House, for never have they seen a Nutmobile before.

Soon after his arrival, the weather takes a turn for the worse...but can Nosh the Nutmobile save his new found friends from the rising floods?


...and what inspired us to write it:

In 2010/2011, floods devastated parts of Australia's east coast. Our Macadamia farm in Bauple, Queensland was no exception. However, we have rebuilt, and to celebrate the year of the farmer and the year of reading, we launched our first book in the Nutmobile series. In 'All Aboard the Nutmobile!', Nosh is faced with similar challenges - he must embrace his new life and save his friends from the rising waters.

Read between the lines:

In All Aboard the Nutmobile, Nosh overcomes the challenge of a new beginning and dealing with change. Download this useful tool to further explore the meaning behind the story and encourage kids to overcome their own tricky challenges. You can also go behind the scenes with illustrator Glen Singleton and see how the book was made! 


Sample page of the children's book All Aboard the Nutmobile