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You may remember the Aussie icon from Nambour – where he used to amuse crowds at the Big Pineapple. 

Being a family passionate about everything nut related, we were determined not to let the Nutmobile roast out the rest of his days in the Queensland sun. So when the Big Pineapple closed its doors to the public, we gained permission from the Heritage Council to purchase the Nutmobile, and relocated him to Macadamia House.

He embarked on the epic move in July 2011. Moving the great icon proved quite the logistical challenge - we captured the journey on film so you can see just how challenging it was!

That said, we face even bigger challenges now in getting the Nutmobile back on the road. We would love nothing more than to have the Nutmobile chugging round our macadamia farms and local towns, offering visitors an even nuttier experience! Show your support and befriend the Nutmobile, who now goes by the name of Nosh and has his very own Facebook page.