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Farmer B tending to his macadamiasHaving farmed macadamias for over 40 years, our family takes pride in producing high quality macadamias - fresh from the home of the original macadamia. We supply to wholesale and retail customers throughout Australia and the world.

Our largest macadamia farm in Bauple, abounds with native animals and is surrounded on all sides by state forests. It is part of the Fraser Coast Hinterland, in an area identified by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) as part of the Great Sandy biosphere; with relatively low pollution levels, thousands of recorded species of flora and fauna and high levels of biodiversity.

When developing the property, we created green zones to act as corridors, allowing animals to roam freely from one side to the other. Kangaroos, wallabies, and echidnas are just a few of our regular visitors and have also inspired many of the characters in our Nutmobile book series.

The Bromet family on their macadamia farm in BaupleWe are firm believers in biological farming and use integrated pest management systems - where the good insects eat the bad ones - in an effort to reduce environmental impact. Our local bees pollinate the macadamia flowers in spring and the trees thrive in their native red soil. Irrigation is not used. We believe that increased biodiversity and a balanced ecosystem encourages healthy trees - the result being a great tasting, safe and healthy product.

As we only have access to solar power on farm, our sorting shed is located in Bauple township, where we sort and dry our nuts for processing. You are welcome to 'tour the shed' and see how it's done- we'll also let you crack your nuts for free!