Click the pictures below to reveal more about your favourite character - or find out who's the most like you! Discover their unique character traits, their likes and dislikes and share in a fun activity together.

Nosh the Nutmobile

Nosh is a kind and gentle giant, thoughtful of others and very in tune to the world around him. He has a low self esteem and lacks a little confidence but is most loyal to his friends and very helpful. He is easy-going and trustworthy.

likes: cup of tea; good books; travel and going to the drive-in.

dislikes: rude people and centipedes...anything with too many legs makes him uncomfortable

Enjoy this fun activity with Nosh!


Borris is very happy-go-lucky; silly yet confident and doesn't take life too seriously. He is not easily stressed and is always up for a chat -especially if it's about sport. He enjoys the simple things in life. He is a fussy eater, with skinny legs and a large belly.

likes: pies; hot dogs; fish & chips, rocky road and peanut butter sandwiches.

dislikes: arrogant toads and ties

Colour in this picture and bring Borris to life!

Gus is a confident fool – the type who’s funny without knowing it. He is very direct and says what he thinks. He may appear grumpy, especially in the morning, but in actual fact he’s quite content with life – so long as you don’t mess with his routine. He is impatient but has a big heart and is very protective over his friends – him and Borris go way back. 

Gus is quite large for a wombat.

likes: super hero films; orange juice; sweet potato and comic books. He never leaves home without his backpack.

dislikes: heights

Check out this fun activity and help Gus find his backpack!

Maureen loves to bake and is almost always in her apron – she has a hole cut out in the middle allowing easy access to her pouch.  She has enormous feet, is very talkative and will one day make the perfect mom. She can come across as a bit of a know-it-all but that’s mainly because she gets involved in everything (quite the community type) and enjoys a fat gossip!

likes: scones; Masterchef and Dancing with the Stars 

dislikes: gardening - her large feet and cumbersome tail are not ideal traits for this particular hobby.

Enjoy this cooking crossword with Maureen!

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